Beautiful villa bathrooms

Soak up the luxury in a spa-like sanctuary at one of Thailand’s upscale villa holiday rentals

Situated close to Phang Nga’s Natai Beach, the bathrooms at Villa Ananda – part of the Jivana Estate – exude a supremely luxurious feel

Thailand is one of the world’s favourite destinations for those who simply want to escape from their busy day-to-day schedules and indulge in a little R&R. While many travellers choose to treat themselves to some much-needed chill-out time by lazing on the beach soaking up the sun or kicking back in the comfort of a shady hammock, others choose to make the most of the country’s superb spa offerings

To complement the indulgent spa treatments. guests residing in one of Thailand’s luxurious private rental villas don’t even need to leave their holiday home to enjoy regular pamper sessions. Spacious, beautifully-designed bathroom facilities offer the perfect place to cleanse, refresh and unwind.

We take a closer look at exactly what makes the best villa bathrooms such an indulgent addition to any stay.

Personalized Pleasures

Some of the bathrooms at Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee utilise the expansive floorspace by having two washbasins, so guests can spread out and enjoy the facilities

In most modern homes, the majority of floor space is dedicated to enhancing communal living areas, such as kitchens and lounges. The bathroom is an afterthought – which means it can often end up feeling like a cramped zone, purely there for practical purposes. In a Thai private villa, the opposite is true. These spacious bathing zones have been allocated an expansive amount of floor space so guests can make the most of the facilities and and truly relax. Thanks to the capacious feel of the bathrooms within Thailand’s private villas, guests can enjoy the zone as it was intended to be enjoyed – as an opulent, spa-like haven. Upscale bathroom facilities include spacious walk-in showers and expansive sunken tubs. Some bathrooms, like those at Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee, have his and hers basins. Meanwhile, just in case the indoor bathroom space wasn’t enough, one of the en-suites at Sangsuri Villa 2 also connects to its own private garden.

Indulgent features

At Koh Samui’s Baan Puri, one of the ensuite bathroom’s features a romantic sunken terrazzo bathtub that’s positioned right by the villa’s swimming pool

In order to establish that luxurious, spa-like feel within a bathing space, the right selection of fittings and furnishings is essential. Of course, the bathroom is a practical space, and Thailand’s private villas strike the perfect balance between form and function by incorporating high-end bathroom facilities. Spacious, walk-in style showers are a common feature, and many feature overhead rainwater soak showerheads for the ultimate spa experience. Other showers will also feature additional jets and misting functions to enhance the showering experience into something beyond the everyday encounter. Standalone tubs are also a popular feature. Crafted from exquisite materials, these bathtubs are a focal feature within the space and can be made all the more impressive with a few frangipani or rose petals into the water to add extra tropical fragrance.

If it’s wow factor you’re after, Baan Puri’s bathrooms have it in spades. One of the ensuite bathrooms even features a sunken terrazzo bathtub that sits at the edge of the villa’s pool. The glazed entrance can be drawn back for guests to enjoy the outdoor views as they relax, or a sliding wooden screen can be closed for privacy.

Thai vibes

At Sangsuri Villa 2, contemporary furnishings are complemented by traditional Thai ornaments to infuse the space with extra wow factor

Exquisite design plays a key role in making a bathroom truly beautiful. In Thailand’s private villas, traditional Thai design is a common feature. At Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee, for example, teak floors and vaulted ceilings of the same material set the traditional tone. The careful placement of tropical blooms, including orchids and frangipani, enhances the authentic Thai vibe. Many villas also feature eye-catching pieces of artwork to remind guests of the tropical Thai setting, from stunning wall-mounted pieces to standalone sculptures such as the one at Sangsuri Villa 2. Other villas – like Phuket’s Villa Minh – feature more contemporary bathroom design, with sleek stone tiles and striking modern fittings. An attractive palette of natural materials is also part of what makes villa bathrooms so appealing. Earth tones, textured surfaces of wood and stone set an alluring backdrop, while top-of-the-range, modern fittings complete the look.

Outdoor connection

Guests staying at Phuket’s Villa Minh can look out over the spectacular coastal views while they take a soak in the tub

In terms of design, one of the most impressive features at many Thai villas is the unbroken flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is easy to see in living and dining areas, where floor-to-ceiling glazing forms a seamless connection with the garden, but more unusually, this connection between spaces is often evident in the bathroom. Some feature glass ceilings and other forms of architectural glazing so that natural light floods the space, others have direct access to the outdoors so that guests can open up the doors and enjoy the garden as they bathe. One of the lavish bathrooms at Koh Samui’s Baan Kilee leads onto its own private terrace which features a sunken bath – perfect for a relaxing soak beneath the stars. Many other villas – including Villa Minh on Phuket – offer sublime ocean views.

Spa-like luxury

Guests staying at one of Koh Samui’s lavish Sangsuri Villas can pamper themselves with luxurious amenities found in all the bathrooms

A private spa experience wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to pamper yourself with a selection of exquisite lotions and potions. Guests staying at one of Thailand’s private villas are treated to an array of bathroom amenities, from everyday items like shampoo and shower gel to true pamper products like scrubs and buttery moisturising creams. The majority of bathing products on offer in Thailand’s private villas are crafted from local Thai ingredients, many of which also offer an array of benefits for the body and mind. Lemongrass, frangipani, jasmine and even sea salt are common ingredients, all of them known for their beneficial properties.