Bali to target retirees

Retiree enjoying golf on Bali


Tourism authorities in Bali are set to hone in on the mature visitor market, according to Made Mangku Pastika, Bali’s Governor.

A recent study shows the island’s high potential when it comes to tapping the elderly travel sector in the same way Malaysia and the Philippines have already achieved, reported the Bali Times.

According to the study, retired travellers are a valuable target because they are financially well-established and are not tied to seasons. The study also suggested that one way for tourism authorities on Bali to prepare for more elderly visitors would be to construct retirement cottages situated in peaceful environments and staffed with competent medical personnel.

Bali’s Governor is now seeking ideal locations for holiday retirement complexes to be built. “Payangan seems appropriate. It is close to Ubud, and it is already a favourite with elderly tourists,” he said. “Elderly travellers are those who have money. If we can make use of this opportunity, we can imagine how big the benefits would be and how many people in our society could get jobs,” he added.

Bali is already home to a wide selection of private holiday villas, which are growing in popularity with the retired segment of the tourist market. The island’s villas are spread trough a wide range of locations, and for retired holiday-makers who want a little more privacy than a cottage complex can afford, a private villa may be the ideal option. Most villas also boast an impressive array of amenities, including spacious communal living areas, quiet gardens and a private pool.

In terms of activities, Bali is also home to a diverse choices for the more mature traveller. The island is peppered with a range high quality restaurants and spas, as well as excellent golf courses. It also boasts a rich cultural heritage for visitors to explore if they want to go beyond the more developed tourist centres, which tend to appeal to a younger market.

Many of Bali’s cultural activities centre in Ubud, also a hub of arts and crafts which is home to a scattering of artisans’ workshops and art galleries. Visitors can also indulge in some authentic Balinese culture by taking in the area’s historical sites, which include the Royal Palace, Kehen Temple and Elephant Cave.