Bali children

The culture in Bali is almost kids attraction in itself

The culture in Bali is almost kids attraction in itself. The island's many festivals and rituals often feature traditional dances, colourful costumes and appealing musical arrangements. The delicate movements of the Legong dance are often performed by young Balinese artists, while the drama of the Ramayana story is filled with fascinating characters like warriors and mischievous animal gods. Beyond the more traditional offerings, children's attractions on Bali cover everything from learning to surf, to fun filled beach activities and adventure trips like rafting, cycling, bungee jumping and elephant rides.

Bali also boasts a number of theme parks, including the Bali Bird Park, a Butterfly Park and Waterbom. The latter is open to children aged seven years and above with raft trips along the Ayung river that pass through tropical forest and rice terraces, with no less than 25 stretches of white water rapids for an added thrill. The park also has plenty of swimming pools and water slides all surrounded by rich vegetation onsite facilities such as restaurants, bars and shops. For a calmer outing, Taman Burung Bird Park is home to an incredible array of tropical birds, with over 250 species represented, including the majestic hornbill, colourful parrots and pheasants. Bali Zoo near Ubud also houses an impressive 350 animals and offers daily feeding times where children can get up close with the lions, tigers and crocodiles. Back on the beach at Nusa Dua, you can even hop on a Camel for an exotic, oceanfront ride.




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