Allure of an Oceanside Villa in Thailand

When you stay at a private beachside villa on Phuket or Koh Samui the opportunities to explore and enjoy the blue that fills the view are extensive and appealing. Whether you prefer kayaks or private yachts, Thailand’s cyanic waters await.

Staying by the ocean remains one of the top choices for luxury travellers around the world, and Thailand is one of the few countries where it’s possible to enjoy a private beachside holiday with direct access to soft sand and blue sea.

The number of exclusive oceanside villas for rent on islands like Koh Samui is surprisingly high, as is the standard of facilities and services on offer. In fact, most of the holiday villas on Thailand’s most popular islands are within easy reach of the beach, and almost all of them offer constant, stunning views of the sea.

Guest who wake up to breathtaking vistas of blue every day soon begin to yearn for marine adventures, and Thailand is also the perfect place to mess about above and below the water. A vast array of trips and watersports can be easily arranged through the villa manager or concierge service, or even booked through local travel agents.

Below are a few ways to find your sea legs when you stay by the big blue in Thailand.

Kayaks and Paddle boards

Many of the best beach villas on Phuket and Koh Samui come equipped with their own kayaks and SUPs, which means guests can paddle up and down the nearby coast to their hearts’ content. For those with a taste for more challenging adventures, day trips and even multi-night expeditions can be arranged to explore the breathtaking marine scenery in locations such as Phang Nga bay off Phuket or the Ang Thong Marine Park near Koh Samui.

Watersports Activities

Thailand’s islands have long been known for their varied watersports activities, and once again, the top holiday villas on Phuket and Koh Samui provide guests with a choice of equipment to try out – everything from giant inner tubes to stylish Jet Skis. When the ocean wind blows in a favourable direction, kiteboarding and windsurfing are increasingly popular island activities, and guests that want to learn a new skill can also take courses to polish their skills and give them a new hobby to enjoy on their next beachside break.

Snorkelling & Diving Trips

The underwater seascapes in Thailand are as (if not more) beautiful as the tropical scenery to be enjoyed above the surface. Although the waters directly off the beach on Phuket and Koh Samui are not teaming with fish or coral reefs; snorkelling and scuba diving sites are plentiful a little further offshore in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. Villa guests hoping to enjoy the colourful views beneath the waves can easily arrange a private charter speedboat complete with equipment, guides and even fine food and drinks to take them to the best reefs. Even better, they can organize snorkelling and dive trips at times when crowds of other tour boats are least likely to disturb the marine magnificence.

Sunset Cruises

For those that enjoy a more tranquil, romantic version of the ocean, a number of professional operators offer relaxed and indulgent sundowner trips, complete with a choice of food and beverages to help celebrate the crimson evening skies. The size and specifications of vessels on offer is varied, especially on Phuket, which is home to several world class marinas and even hosts a large number of multi-million dollar superyachts. More modest but equally enchanting options for a sunset soirée include sailing boats, catamarans, day cruisers and even Chinese junks, with menus and drinks lists as eclectic as the boat designs themselves.

Yacht Charters

Seafaring visitors to Thailand have plenty of options when it comes to longer sailing trips of cruises around the picture perfect southern islands. Experienced sailing enthusiasts can arrange either bareboat or crewed charter trips to some of the region’s most spectacular marine destinations. Meanwhile, villa guests that would rather match their luxurious experiences on land with something equally comfortable at sea can charter a luxury motor craft complete with all modern facilities, either using it for day trips or spending a few nights lulled into sleep by the gently rolling waves – depending, of course, on the season.