Thailand Mourns the Loss of the Father of the Nation


Thailand Mourns the Loss of the Father of the Nation

The Kingdom of Thailand is mourning the passing of the world’s longest reigning monarch, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The King was adored as a constant, caring, stabilizing presence and  revered as a figure that remained above the politics of the day, and only intervening during difficult times. Thanks to His Majesty’s hard work and commitment to the Thai people throughout his reign, which began in 1946, the King connected with many of his subjects on a deeply personal level

King Bhumibol acceded to the throne as a young, 18-year-old man. In the early years of his reign, Thailand was ruled by a regent while the King returned to Europe to continue his studies. It was then that he met the woman that would become his wife, the beloved Queen Sirikit – daughter of the Thai ambassador to France. The couple married on 28th April 1950 only one week prior to the King’s coronation.

During the 1950s, King Bhumibol went on a series of tours across Thailand’s provinces and worked hard to reform the country’s agricultural sector for the benefit of the people. He was an accomplished musician, a keen photographer, and a creative and curious leader who had a close connection to his people.

According to the Bangkok Post, for many Thais, King Bhumibol’s presence was truly life-changing, whether directly or indirectly. Through his words, deeds and even musical compositions, he was the source of inspiration reported the country’s main newspaper.

His Majesty passed away peacefully on Thursday 13th October at Siriraj Hospital at 15:52, local time. There will be a one-year period of mourning in Thailand and all flags will fly at half mast during this time. Entertainment functions will also be toned down for several weeks in respect for the loss of Thailand’s father and the sadness felt across the country.