Thailand Major Player in Luxury Travel Sector

Thailand Major Player in Luxury Travel Sector


Thailand has the potential to become one of the world’s finest luxury tourism destinations, say tourism experts from around the globe. According to a report in The Bangkok Post, Thailand is on target to become one of the leading high-end destinations in the world thanks to its unique products and premium travel services.

Other leading luxury destinations include Spain, Italy, the Maldives and Sri Lanka, according to industry experts. While high-end travel is often associated with the accommodation sector – and hotels in particular – experts say that full-service airlines, luxury sedans or limousines, fine-dining restaurants and high-end retail boutiques like Jim Thompson Silk all contribute to the overall ranking. Upscale travel agencies also have an impact on the quality of the unique offerings and products available to visitors.

Experts revealed that the luxury tourism sector offers travellers the time and space that they need to unwind. For example, high-spending visitors will usually travel to their destination for longer periods, and will generally seek lavish accommodation options with excellent and tailored levels of service.

“While Thailand is home to some of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands, the Kingdom’s luxury private villa sector is also growing,” says Wayne Hue, marketing director at Luxury Villas and Homes. “Guests that stay in one of Thailand’s luxury villa rentals are rewarded with the benefits of five-star facilities, exclusive surroundings that they can enjoy in private and an unprecedented level of service, which is tailored exactly to each visitor’s needs,” he says.

Currently, Phuket is one of the destinations leading the way in terms of the country’s luxury tourism sector – but Koh Samui is touted to be close behind as the next upscale destination for discerning visitors. Home to designer malls and a range of high-end accommodation options, Bangkok also has the potential deliver in terms of its luxury experiences. However, without the stunning beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui, Bangkok’s tourism sector will have to work harder to achieve the same levels of high-end success as its coastal counterparts.

“Many of Thailand’s luxury island villas are situated in less developed areas, which means visitors can enjoy quieter and more exclusive surroundings,” adds Wayne. “These properties offer panoramic ocean views and direct beach access, which really gives them the wow factor that high-spending tourists are looking for. They’re also being used more and more frequently for destination weddings.”