TAT Taps into Expat Market

TAT Taps into Expat Market

In its latest move to boost high-end tourism across the Kingdom, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has tapped into the country’s population of expats. In late October, the TAT launched the all-new Expat Fair Thailand as part of their efforts to boost tourism within Thailand to this sector.

Thailand is currently home to 110,000 expatriates and form another key market for the authority to reach out to through their various marketing schemes. According to a report on tatnews.org, 70 percent of all expatriates are in management positions or higher. This therefore means that a large proportion of this group have high spending power, which fits in well with the TAT’s campaign to boost the overall value of holidays across the country.

The Expat Fair was the first in a series of events launched by the TAT to appeal to this sector. The event focused on promoting holiday destinations within its “12 Hidden Gems” campaign. This programme hones in on lesser-known destinations across the country, including culinary adventures in Trang and beach getaways in Chumphon. Promoting alternative destinations – some of which are close to hotspots like Samui and Phuket – is expected to relieve tourist congestion in the most popular tourist magnet regions. 

According to the report on tatnews.org, the authority plans to make the expat fair an annual event that welcomes individuals from Australia, China, Hapan, South Korea and the US – and more. It will certainly prove a useful source of information for those people working in the country who are planning short getaways and longer vacations.

Thanks to the excellent facilities at many of Thailand’s private villas on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, an increasing number of expats are planning longer vacations in the Kingdom. Excellent internet connectivity and dedicated study suites mean that professionals can keep track of work whilst enjoying the benefits of luxury holiday surroundings at the same time.

In addition to the Expat Fair, the TAT also hosted the Food Fun Fair last month in Bangkok. The event saw thousands of visitors flock to the city’s Fragrant Park for the two-day event, which showcased Thailand’s exquisite culinary culture. As well as being able to sample the delights from a plethora of food trucks offering numerous world cuisines, visitors could attend cooking competitions, mini concerts and TAT booths promoting each of the destinations in the “12 hidden gems” campaign.