Nip &Tuck in Thailand

Nip &Tuck in Thailand

While the majority of tourists head to Thailand in search of golden beaches and balmy tropical climates, the Kingdom is also becoming a popular overseas destination for patients seeking cosmetic surgery procedures.

According to Patients Beyond Borders, a consulting firm based in the US, Thailand is now the world’s number one destination for medical tourism, attracting a  total of 1.8 million overseas visitors in 2013.

The Land of Smiles is even proving to be a more popular destination for medical tourism than its Southeast Asian neighbours like Singapore and Malaysia.  In fact, medical tourists injected as much as US$4.7 billion into the Thai economy last year, according to government data.

“While the US is still first choice for the ultra-rich, Thailand is unquestionably No.1 among everyone seeking affordable care,” says Josef Woodman, founder of Patients Beyond Borders.

One reason is that Thailand also offers the perfect place to recuperate following surgery. Options like private rental villas are not only affordable in the Land of Smiles but also provide absolute privacy with spacious, comfortable facilities and little chance of being disturbed. Spacious communal living areas also mean there is plenty of space for guests to spread out and relax so there is no need to feel  cooped up in a hospital room during convalescence.

The range of services on offer is also a major draw for medical tourists with legendary Thai hospitality guaranteeing total comfort. Nutritious meals can by prepared by a private chef and a professional masseuse can be brought in for daily treatments to ease the recovery process.

With such a range of post-operative care options to complement Thailand's reputation for quality surgeries, the Kingdom looks set to lead the field when it comes to cosmetic treatments in Asia.