High Speed Wi-Fi in Thailand

High Speed Wi-Fi in Thailand

While the Land of Smiles is still home to its fair share of remote seaside villages, it also ranks as one of the best connected nations in the world. Whether you are zooming across Bangkok aboard the city’s sky train or lounging on the beach in Phuket, you never have to look far to find someone browsing the internet on their smart phone.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport recently ranked number one in a survey that monitored WiFi download speeds at numerous airports across the globe. A company called rottenwifi.com tested public Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G services to evaluated the quality of coverage in over 130 airports located in no less than 53 countries.

The top ten countries included five from Europe, two from America and three from Asia. Thailand's gateway airport’s average download speed measured 41.45 Mbps, followed by Tennessee’s Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport in the US where download speeds average out at 30.98 Mbps.

Other airports that ranked within the top ten included Ireland’s Dublin Airport (19.45 Mbps), Lithuania’s Vilinus International Airport (18.04 Mbps), Finland’s Helsinki Airport (17.46 Mbps) and Indonesia’s Jl. Airport Ngurah Rai (16.01 Mbps). Taiwan, Sweden and Germany also had airports in the top ten.

Thailand’s overall connectivity is already well known. According to data gathered by Google in 2012, approximately 8.6 million people in the Kingdom use the internet every day. Furthermore, 24 million people – which equates to over one third of the population – are thought to have regular access to the web.

Of course, this is music to the ears of social media addicts travelling in Thailand who simply cannot wait to share their fabulous holiday snaps online with friends and family back home and the vast majority of Thailand’s hotels offer free internet access,with private villas also boasting excellent internet connections, even in remote areas like the Thai islands. This means that holiday-makers can stay connected whilst enjoying the ocean views and post their holiday photographs and videos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in real time.