Delights of Private Villa Dining

When you rent a private holiday villa in Thailand, dining at home becomes a holiday treat with food prepared by a personal chef and served to suit your schedule in stunning, exclusive surroundings.

Eating out is often one of the main attractions for people that travel abroad on holiday; especially for foodies that like to try out some new local flavours. Thailand, of course, is well known for its delicious cuisine and offers diners everything from tasty street food to exquisite dishes created by world class chefs in the country’s many fine restaurants and resorts.

Guests that rent a private villa on Phuket or Koh Samui not only have access to the wide range of eateries peppered around the islands, they also enjoy a more exclusive dining option during their vacation, namely: “eating in”.

Banish those visions of self-catering snacks for the local supermarket; when you rent a private villa in Thailand you can enjoy top class local and international cuisine in the privacy of your holiday home without having to lift a finger. Many villas come with their own personal chef and the onsite staff can source a wide selection of ingredients and delicacies, local and imported to make sure your taste buds are just as pleased as your other senses.

With such a variety of dining options available without even leaving the villa grounds, it makes sense to plan meals that perfectly match your tastes and also enhance your island lifestyle.

Breakfast Choices

Thailand’s colourful array of fresh tropical fruit is difficult to resist with sweet, juicy choices like papaya, mango, pineapple and dragon fruit offering the perfect choice for a healthy breakfast at your private holiday villa. If you have a busy schedule of activities planned, a mango or papaya smoothie will give you just the energy boost you need to set off on a tropical adventure. You can even specify your fruit favourites in advance of your arrival so that the staff know exactly what to buy fresh from the local market every day. More common, albeit slightly less healthy breakfast items, such as fried eggs are just as popular in Thailand as they are in the West. In addition, Thai people have a liking for deep fried omelets, which are usually served over rice with a little chilli sauce for that perfect morning kick start after a night out on the town.

Poolside Snacks

In a hot tropical climate like Thailand, fresh fruit and shakes also offer a great way to stay hydrated in the heat, and you can also ask the villa staff to stock up on fresh coconuts, which are healthy, refreshing and delicious. When it comes to hot weather snacking, Thailand is also famous for its light, flavourful dishes, including the national favourite Pad Thai noodles, as well as stir fried rice and succulent nibbles such as chicken satay and spring rolls, all of which the villa staff can rustle up in a flash and serve throughout the day to keep your hunger at bay. Potato chips and nuts are also readily available at local convenience stores on the Thai islands, and you can even try some new flavours such as the popular fried seaweed snacks, an imported favourite from Japan.

Imported Treats

It may come as a surprise to learn that an exquisite array of Italian hams, Spanish salamis and French cheeses can be sourced on Thailand’s most visited islands, so villa guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to comfort food. Imported wines and beers are also abundant, while parents that also want to keep the kids smiling will be pleased to know that upscale supermarkets on Phuket and Koh Samui such as Villa Market and Tops now stock an impressive selection of sweet global comforts, including well known brands like Cadbury’s to Hershey’s.

Beach Barbecue

Many of the best private rental villas in Thailand come with state-of-the-art barbecue grill, which is perfect for guests that enjoy casual dining and also want to make the most of the tropical surroundings and stunning sunsets. Fresh local seafood is an obvious choice for an outdoor feast when you stay on an island in Thailand, and local and imported meats are also readily available for the ultimate “surf & turf” experience overlooking the ocean. With a private Thai chef on the grill, a little local influence can also be added to the taste spectrum, with tantalizing flavours such as chilli, lime and tamarind enhancing the barbecue delights.

Delicious Dinner

The inspiring natural surroundings and exclusive amenities on offer to guests at a private holiday villa on Phuket or Koh Samui also provide the perfect setting in which to enjoy exquisite meals prepared by a skilled and experienced private Thai chef. Every guest’s food preferences can be catered for, and the gastronomic creations presented at the villa table include a vast range of seasonally inspired local dishes, many of them based on Thai classics, as well as unique fusion variations designed to suit a more international palate. Extravagant presentations are also part of the pleasure, and include fruit and vegetable carvings as well as traditionally styled table decorations, all of which only add to the exclusive in-villa dining experience.