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The second largest archipelago in the world, the Philippines is an island hoppers' paradise. Less visited and therefore less crowded than other renowned beach destinations in the region, the country is a tropical treasure trove bestowed with limitless stretches of palm-fringed sand, miles of colourful coral reef and a rich cultural heritage that reflects the country's fascinating history. Due to its sheer size and diversity, many visitors choose to focus on just one island location during a vacation in the Philippines, making side trips to enjoy nearby land and ocean based attractions between days spent soaking up the tropical sun and enjoying the equally warm Filipino hospitality.


Considering a villa holiday in Philippines?  Here's some useful information to get you started on your vacation planning.


  • Southeast Asian archipelago with no country borders. Water borders:  Philippine Sea, South China Sea.

Passport and Visa Information

  • Citizens of US, UK, and EU countries may enter Philippines without a visa for a period of 21 days. For updates and visa requirement information for other countries, visit the Department of Foreign Affairs (


  • Philippine Peso (PHP)
  • USD1:PHP43.4
    EUR1: PHP61.4
    (for exchange rate updates check on

Official Language(s)

  • Filipino, English


  • Rainy, humid, and hot during Habagat season (mid-June to mid-September); Dry with moderate temperature during Amihan season lasting the remainder of the year.

Quick Facts:

  • Population: 101.8 million
  • Capital City: Manila
  • Country Calling Code(s): +63
  • Electricity: 220V, 60 Hz
  • Type(s) of plug / socket:  mainly A

Destination Information

  • Philippine Tourism Board (



Now that you've decided on your destination, here are some pointers on how you can get to your Philippines villa.

Airport Info

  • Manila - Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). Depending on your destination, you may need to connect with another domestic flight, or check with us for the most convenient airport depending on your point of origin.

Main Airlines

  • All major airlines

Flag Carrier

  • Philippine Airlines

Approximate Travel Time from:

  • Los Angeles:  16hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • New York:  20hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • London:  14hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • Moscow:  13hr+ depending on connecting layover
  • Shanghai:  3hr 30min direct
  • Sydney:  8hr 10min direct




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