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Paulington, Mar 15, 2017 - Mar 21, 2017

Reviewed byPaulington

An insanely enjoyable few days at the spectacular Villa Suralai!! The villa is creatively designed to allow communal activities such as dining and pool time, whist at the same time affording privacy when guests require it. We were 12 and in no sense did the villa feel crowded. The villa is very beautiful, but what made the stay here perfect was the villa manager and his staff. Home cooked authentic Thai food was a daily highlight. We are all ready planning our next trip. Thank you Mr T!!

From Hong Kong


HG 4r, Mar 15, 2017 - Mar 19, 2017

Reviewed byhg4r

We were there for 4 days with a party of 12. Amazing location with spectacular views. The large pool with a swim-up bar is just perfect for chilling out on a hot Samui afternoon. The rooms are more than comfortable, and the living / dining area is marvellously spacious with views that go on for ever. There's even a gym! But the best thing is the brilliant staff. Khun Tee is better than most 5-star hotel concierges and can't do enough for his guests. The chef whips up a storm (try the signature lunch with Thai roast chicken), and the other staff are just marvellous. Must visit Suralai again!

From Hong Kong


Ewatak for their stay in 06/2016, Jun 1, 2016

Reviewed byewatak

We were invited to spend a long weekend with a group of friends, most of whom we knew. There is always a danger that these situations can be hazardous, but luckily everybody got along well with everyone else, and this was the basis for a very good holiday. The villa is beautifully situated in the hillside, with stunning views over the bay by Bophut. The villa's 7 bedrooms provided the necessary retreat for individual guests who wanted alone time, and despite activities that might have been noisy, the room we had was completely insulated from it, allowing us to rise late, and go to bed late. The 5 staff were invisible, unless required, which is how we all wanted it to be. They were extremely attentive at meal times, and when the ice needed replenishing, or the coffee machine required more water, beans etc Khun Tee is the very pleasant and hardworking manager of an excellent team. Any other provisions we wanted were purchased on our behalf.

From Bangkok


Frankensteinnn, Sep 1, 2012

This is probably the best place I've ever stayed in. I went with a few friends and some of them arrived at different times. When they did arrive they spent the first few minutes in shock (good shock) about how good the view was, how big the pool was, and how amazing the place was.

It was like having a whole resort but we were the only guests.

Everything was taken care of by Mr. Te the property manager. He would drive us anywhere at anytime of the day/night, get our shopping, organise our lunch/breakfast/dinner and gave great recommendations on places to go. He was also a really lovely, friendly guy and very easy to get along with.

I don't return to places very often as I want to try out new things but I'll definitely go back here one day.

By Frankensteinnn from Melbourne, Australia


Govind (July 2012)A spectacularly secluded, comfortable and lavish villa stay with, Jul 1, 2012 - Jul 6, 2012

Reviewed byGovind

For starters Suralai lives up to the photographs. It is beautifully constructed, built on four levels and gives you the comfort of a chef who cooks whatever you buy from the market (or they'll do it for you) and a house manager who was willing to wake up at 3am to pick us up from the Chaweng main strip of bars, restaurants and clubs so we wouldn't have to pay for cabs. Beautiful view of Koh Panang from a huge infinity pool and a spacious open air deck with a large Mac, entertainment system, large screen, bar, dining table, a Lavazza coffee machine and a couple of fridges. If this place had a pool table, most people wouldn't leave.

Chaweng is literally 15 minutes away downhill. There was construction going on literally adjacent to the property and hammering could be heard at odd times in the day. Still this didn't dampen any of the fun we were having through the day and into the early hours of the morning. Beautiful natural flora and fauna around (a lush tropical valley stretches out to the left of the property all the way to the ocean.

If travelling with families or friends, this villa is beautiful, luxurious, spacious, fun and very well maintained.


KSMelb, Jul 1, 2012

We stayed here as a group, with several young children and it was absolutely fantastic. The staff were delightful, they went beyond the call of duty with children's food requirements and entertainment, the villa itself and the fitout was suberb and the swimming pool and view was to-die-for. Being up the hill and away from the hustle and bustle of Bophut was great, but we were able to go down to the village any time, wander round the markets, have dinner or massages and get a lift back up to the villa. Loved it and would go back in a flash!

By KSMelb from Melbourne, Australia


Jennifer Doig and Party, Apr 23, 2010 - Apr 26, 2010

Hi Helen,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your assistance for helping to make our stay at Suralai completely unforgettable. Everything was perfect; and Khun Tee and the staff were fantastic.

We hope to return some day. In the meantime, we'll be highly recommending it to everyone here in Hong Kong.

Thanks again,



Annalisa Dichiara, Mar 30, 2010 - Apr 6, 2010

Karl & Lynn
I just wanted to write a quick note and thank you for allowing us to have the villa for the Easter week. We had such an incredible time -- partly due to the fabulous weather, but mostly due to the luxurious surroundings and the marvelous staff. 
The staff went above and beyond … and always with a smile.  With my parents being a bit less nimble then they used to, the staff was really marvelous tending to them especially!
It's not a week/weekend that my friends and family will soon forget … so I thank you again for kindly letting me reserve the villa over that holiday weekend.

Annalisa Dichiara


Bajaj Family, Nov 22, 2009 - Nov 29, 2009

Please do pass on my comments to the owner and the staff of Suralai because I cannot express strongly enough in an email the superb work that the staff there does. My mum is a tough customer in general and she had nothing but praise, so well done to you all. Her only grouse was that there was no hot water in the bath.

We had the best time. Even better than our trip to Bali last year. Special kudos to the staff at Suralai- Khun T, the chef and the other staff. The best we could have had- the food was fantastic, the staff friendliness and efficiency was top-notch, and I can't say enough about Khun T- he made it all happen and is worth his weight in Gold.

Honestly, I had wanted this trip so we could all relax after a torrid year in various parts on the World, and it couldn't have been better.

Would we go again to Samui- definitely but not next year. We like shifting venues to have a change. We need to plan for family holiday in November 2010. Suggestions?

Thank you for a splendid trip.

Regards, Ani


Jon Stonham, Mar 12, 2009 - Mar 16, 2009

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for looking after us so fabulously well when we were in Koh Samui. The service Marc you have built up was exemplary and something SVH should be very proud of. Khun Tee was extremely helpful and the girls at Waimarie to Baan Puri were outstanding especially Rose and Joy.


Abhijit Vasa, Feb 17, 2009 - Feb 22, 2009

Good Afternoon Ms. Ashely,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your co-operation in helping us choose one of the best villas we have stayed in yet. All of us
had the most amazing time at Baan Suralai, and will be hard to forget the services provided us by your excellent staff at Baan Suralai. We couldn't have asked for more. The services that your Manager and Staff provided us was exemplary, I must say.

Once again, kindly wish them a special thanks once again from all of us, and assure them that, the next time we plan to visit Samui, we would definitely be staying at Suralai, no doubt.

Thanks and regards, ABHIJIT VASA & FREINDS...


Lach D (July 2013)

Reviewed byLach D

It's hard to imagine how you could improve on the Suralai experience. A view that has the 'wow' factor in a take-your-breath-away-when-you-first-see-it kind of way. Staff that were outstanding and very accommodating of every request. Catering was excellent - with local authentic Thai dishes a specialty. Rooms that are super-comfortable, have excellent air-con and all the mod-cons you could wish for. And the pool is quite simply a knockout. Oh, did I mention the view... from every single room! The drive down into Bo Phut is great fun and you can be in the heart of the action within 5 minutes. Would recommend Suralai in a heartbeat. Yep. And then of course... there's that view.

From Melbourne


Winston (September 2012)

Reviewed byWinston

A few friends and I stayed here for 3 days in September. It was one of, if not the best place i have stayed in. There were plenty of rooms which had great interior design with really comfy beds. We had a full time driver, chef, cleaner and great view of the island. Not to mention the gym, pool bar and massive surround sound system. Great value for money as there are lots of rooms with beds and the place can sleep a few people.

Full equipped with Internet access, charges, television etc. Highly recommended a+++


GingerMil (August 2013)

Reviewed byGinger Mil

What a way to spend a holiday with a group of friends, out of this world! The Villa is simply breath taking, the interior, rooms etc, are perfectly decorated and instantly make you feel like you are a guest in someone's luxury home. The team at the villa, look after you like no other, every request and need is instantly seen to with a smile and kindness that makes you never want to leave! We absolutely loved it.

From Sydney


Christine M . (August 2013)

Reviewed byChristine M .

Suralai welcomes you with breathtaking panoramas, exquisite architecture and well considered design. Simply put, it's nothing short of magnificent. Whilst our party of 9 people (4 adults and 5 children between the ages of 4-12) filled only 4 of the 6 bedrooms, we made the most of the ones we did. Once we found the music system, we plugged in our ipod, selected our poolside playlist and cranked up the volume throughout the house. We grabbed our spots by the pool where we proceeded to unwind... and stay for 6 days. If there were any downsides to Suralai I would be forced to confess under pressure, it is that once you get into the Suralai lifestyle, 1). you won't want to leave and therefore, won't see anything of Koh Samui (like we didn't) and 2). Suralai sets new levels of hospitality that will make it hard to stay anywhere else afterwards. We will forever be comparing other holidays with our blissful 6 days in Koh Samui and we didn't even see a single beach! I'm not exaggerating when I say the most stressful decisions we needed to make throughout our entire stay was planning the menu for our next home-cooked meal from the resident chef. The food at every meal time was exceptional. The staff were, efficient, attentive but discreet, and there was nothing they couldn't manage (even the night we jumped into the pool for a midnight swim fully clothed). A slice of heaven!

From Hong Kong


Vivendaesomnium (November 2013)

Reviewed byVivendaesomnium

Simply put our best holiday in ages. Khun T and the staff of Suralai couldn't have been more helpful. They made our break. Very little one can add once you viewed the pictures on this listing, it is majestic. One particularly good point was that the villa isn't overlooked by neighbouring properties and still the view across Bophut to the sea and over to Koh Pang Gang is stunning. James Bond was also staying here at the time. Well if he wasn't he should've been:) Marvelous time, just needed at least 6 other friends to share it with.

From Singapore,


Karin G. for a stay in Nov 2015

Reviewed byKarin G.

"Superb Suralai"
Suralai totally exceeded our expectations. Exceptionally well maintained with a Fantastic staff that took amazing care of us . We kept them up till the wee hours of the morning and heard not singe hint of a complaint. It was better than any 5 star experience. I would go back every year. Nothing could have made this holiday better.

From India


Tim G.

Suralai was an amazing place to stay. It's far more luxurious then anything we're used to, but really accessible, so we could just enjoy the views and the meals and the horizon pool without worrying that our kids were annoying anyone. The staff made us feel very welcome, and cooked delicious meals on the nights that we decided to stay up the hill and manager was a great guy, good company and happy to drive us to local spots whenever we wanted. We'd recommend it without any hesitation and hope we can get back there one day ourselves.

From Melbourne, Australia


Lyssikissy stay in June 2015

Reviewed byLyssikissy

Booked a long weekend for my birthday. The place was beautiful and the staff were beyond helpful. They helped build a special ramp for my friend in a wheelchair and was always on hand to make sure we were looked after! Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a luxury relaxing holiday. Enjoy the massages, infinity pool and chef cooked meals!



Reviewed byJournalist2434

I am/we are spoilt. It's fine, we admit it. We know we have - because of hard work, sheer graft, diligent research, and damned good luck - found ourselves (more often than is decent in any mere two lives) in a genuinely exceptional hotel or villa environment. And Suralai is one of those places. S-tunning design - the architecture, siting, room detail, aspect of the property U-nbelievable view - sea, sea, more sea and verdant greenery around us R-elaxing days - wake up "What would you like for breakfast/lunch/dinner, Ma'am?" A-mazing food - whatever your little heart or (in my case) huge stomach desires L-ovely management - thinking of adopting 'Tea'. No, of course he is not that kind of Tea. A-ttentive staff - Tea & co. The cook Khun Chef and his wife and the Suralai Crew. I-ncredibly attractive place The question is not, when will we be back? The real question is, how on earth could they stop us going back? For more, and more. Unparalleled.

From London


Chris C

Reviewed byChris C

We ended our extended travels at Suralai to relax and we did just that. We were pampered with breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks by the pool. The property was stunning both visually and with the amazing views of the water and the jungle. It felt like we were in a movie star's home in the hills of Malibu, Ca. The staff and the service was amazing. The were very attentive and very helpful. The property had all the amenities you could need along with great internet service and a small gym to keep up your work out routine if needed. We would highly recommend this property.

From New Orleans, Louisiana



Reviewed byRudolfrh

A fantastic house to enjoy for a long weekend with friends. There are 6 great rooms and the living room and pool and views are amazing. The staff is at the ready to help with meals and any requests. Also a super location to plan a special dinner. We had 30 people at the table for a birthday. The staff and facilities can run a party like that flawlessly, with beautiful setting and even fireworks afterwards, all arranged on site. Nice pool and easy access to the airport.

From Hong Kong


Kevin P. stay in 08/2015

Reviewed byKevin P.

Suralai is a beautiful and well appointed villa with fantastic views of the sea and Nearby Ko Phangnan. It is situated in the hills above Bophut fisher and village. Khun Tee and his team took great care of our group. overall a wonderful and relaxing place to spend a holiday.

Kevin from Thailand


Kat stay in 08/2015

Reviewed byKat A.

Suralai exceeded my expectations in every single way. The pictures on the site do not lie - the property is stunning. Suralai is set in the hills with complete privacy and amazing views. All six rooms come with private patios and views across the island and the ocean. One could easily retreat to their room for privacy or socialize around the pool; it is a perfect blend of privacy and stunning areas to hang out including the pool, a pool hut, and the main room. The staff are second to none. Khun Tee, the house manager, answered every question we had from where to buy the best wine to arranging boat trips, massages, yoga, and restaurant reservations. We were especially impressed with the yoga teacher! With perfect English and an understanding of dietary needs, Khun Tee made every meal at Suralai enjoyable for our mixed group of vegetarians and meat lovers. The house chefs created delicious meals with an impressive range of variety - no two meal was the same. Suralai is fantastic for a group or a romantic getaway. Thank you to the Suralai staff, I cannot wait to come back!

Kat From Hong Kong


Luxury Retreats, March 27, 2011

Tee, the manager at Suralai was great, so was the staff. The villa was in great condition. Everything went as planned. Pascal, the coordinator and Patrick who has been our contact to Luxury Retreats both were great in setting up the trip and staying on top of things.

If you were a public company I would invest in you and I am happy to meet the owners anytime to discuss the business generally. Congrats.


Kingsley S. (July 2013)

Reviewed byKingsley S .

We just returned from a blissful week at Suralai in the Bophut Hills. The manager was the perfect host and even encouraged us to host a soiree for two other families staying nearby. Having the chef was fantastic and he was fine with cooking for fussy kids (when we could extract them from the pool).

From Melbourne, Australia


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