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bccheng, Jun 25, 2017

Reviewed bybccheng

We came with a group of friends, an easy pick up from the airport straight to the beautiful private villa with a full length pool. The staff was attentive, delicious food and cocktails, relaxing atmosphere, just what we needed. Beach was a few steps away, soft sand, panoramic view. In addition to the communal dining room, there was a movie room with a basement pool table. Definitely felt private and at ease, and would return!

From Hong Kong


bccheng, Jun 21, 2017

Reviewed bybccheng

Wonderful private beachfront villa experience with attentive staff, We came with a group of friends, an easy pick up from the airport straight to the beautiful private villa with a full length pool. The staff was attentive, delicious food and cocktails, relaxing atmosphere, just what we needed. Beach was a few steps away, soft sand, panoramic view. In addition to the communal dining room, there was a movie room with a basement pool table. Definitely felt private and at ease, and would return!


Beautiful, spacious, beachfront grounds; very private and relaxing place to stay, Nov 1, 2014

Reviewed byDerrick C.

I just returned from a stay at Jia and was very happy with my time there. The grounds were very large, there were eight of us, but it felt like we could fit eight more without being too crowded (though I think its capacity is 10-12). The place shows some signs of its age but overall is very well maintained.

I was surprised to discover that amenities that one would expect at a full on hotel, like massages and food were available (the food was excellent).

If you are not with a large group of friends then it might not be as appealing as its a bit further away from more populated areas of Phuket, but if you enjoy privacy and seclusion this definitely fits the bill. Jia is right on the beach which is great if you like the ocean (there is also a really nice pool). The beach itself is nice but not stunning, though I am from Southern California so have a particularly high bar for beaches. There isn't a gym but if you must get your exercise in, a run on the beach or laps in the 25 meter pool will do just fine.

Derrick C
Hong Kong, China


Beachfront tranquility – The luxurious side of Phuket, Sep 1, 2014

Reviewed byMRF

Jia Villa is an extremely serene, beautiful villa along a quiet strip of beach north of Phuket. I have stayed here twice and it is an ideal location for relaxing in an environment with few distractions except for extraordinary sunsets, delicious meals, thoughtful and discrete staff, and overwhelming calm.

During my stays I’ve never felt much desire to leave the villa. The staff does a great job looking after the guests while keeping a low profile. I have dined in the dining room, pool side, and even on the beach and each meal was excellent. You can even travel with the staff to the market in the morning and make some fresh selections for lunch and dinner! The villa suites are very spacious with huge bathrooms, and some have small walled gardens.

There are few drawbacks except that the villa is outside of Phuket center – the airport is about midway between Jia and Phuket town. There are some high-end resorts nearby within walking distance (like Aleenta) but otherwise it is a very quiet area. There are some quiet country roads nearby but you will need transport even to get to a 7-11. If you want to spend your Phuket holiday shopping and clubbing this is probably not a good choice – but if peace and exclusivity are your priority you will not be disappointed.



A returning guest - I love to indulge in the Jia experience!, Dec 1, 2013

Reviewed byJambenolin

I've been to the Phuket area many times and stayed in resorts, private villas within hotels, hill-side villas, and beach-side villas, over different occasions.

I think Jia encompasses so many great things in one place.
- The grounds are large and the rooms are spread-out nicely; I didn't feel on top my friends all the time, and was able to enjoy privacy if I needed it.
- The villa is super serene. Often times, we could enjoy the beach all to ourselves. The beach stretched on for miles!
- The food is amazing! We went out for some meals, but toward the end, found ourselves coming back to the villa for meals if we had gone out. Some day, we wouldn't leave the villa! We had an amazing barbecue on the beach under the stars with seafood caught that day!! The Thai chef did an amazing job.
- The villa staff are great. They are helpful but not over-bearingly attentive. We were all quite happy.

Hong Kong, China


Kit Yee, Jul 22, 2010 - Jul 28, 2010

Villa JIA is undoubtedly a hidden GEM. Situated at a spectacular beachfront location, the entire property is beautifully constructed and decorated. Ground is superbly maintained and the service is simply impeccable. Our Villa Manager, Khun Pui and his team are extremely efficient and helpful. We can not thank you them enough for making our families vacation such a remarkable experience and we can not wait to go back for more.


The Crown Prince of Perlis, Malaysia, Oct 6, 2009 - Oct 11, 2009

Dear Mr Craig,

LETTER OF THANKS AND APPRECIATION, I've been instructed by His Highness The Crown Prince of Perlis, Malaysia Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail to convey His Highness's appreciation and thanks to your staff at "Jia" for taking great care of His Highness and the entourage during the visit to Phuket recently. "Berkhidmat Untuk Negara", Saya yang menurut perintah, Suzana Binti Sabu, Pegawai Khas Kepada, DYTM Tuanku Raja Muda Perlis


JandM Toronto for their stay in 10/2015

Reviewed byJandM Toronto

Writing this on our last night here, having serious misgivings about leaving this for reality again... We had a large group stay for the weekend, consisting of seasoned travelers with discerning tastes and high standards. Some flew from Hong Kong, others from NYC and us from Toronto. A long trip, to be sure, but worth every efforts. The property is beautiful, situated north of Phuket but an easy transfer from the airport. Right on the beach, and every night we had amazing red sunsets. Every bungalow is well appointed and all the comforts you'd expect. Common areas are well thought-out with wifi access, stereo systems to hookup your iPhones and iPods for music, TV room, game room, etc. We had meals served outside for 14 people and the staff and kitchen were amazing. The food is so good, we didn't have to leave the property (although one night at Aleenta was great also, try the banana curry there). Swimming in the ocean is a treat - water is amazingly warm in October. Or use the Infinity pool with two levels, upper for deeper water, lower level wading pool for kids. The manager is excellent, she arranged everything for us, from meals to excursions and transfers, shooting range, even taking us to town to visit the bank machine and lent me her own personal scooter! Can't wait to return.

From Toronto


Anna for their stay in 07/2016

Reviewed byAnna

This is our second time to Natai beach and our first time to Villa JIA, though not our last. The house is large, luxurious, comfortable and perfect for relaxation. Having been to Phuket many times, Natai beach our favorite spot in Phuket (though actually across the bridge on the mainland, not on the island itself). The beach is expansive with golden/white sand and blue water. We took long walks on the beach and hardly saw anyone except for a family swimming in the ocean once in a while. The beach mostly consists of a few luxury villas and two small boutique hotels about 45 min walk from each other. Sunsets are spectacular. The house is beautiful - six large bedrooms, a long pool, kids pool (almost same length as adult pool), family room with pool table, large lawn for kids to run around, and immediate access to the beach. Air conditioning worked well in all the rooms when needed. Each wing has three bedrooms which would make it easy for two families to share.. Service was attentive and the food was excellent. Preparation was restaurant quality. Taste was very authentic. We particularly liked the seafood BBQ (which can be done on the beach though it was raining that day for us), the fried noodles (pad Thai, Pad see ew), red prawn curry, chicken with basil, mango sticky rice and Thai omelette for breakfast. They can even make congee! Each meal was something to look forward to. The house manager, Buss, took care of all of our eating arrangements, grocery shopping, massage appointments and transportation. She's really so lovely and kind. The rest of the staff was also just as helpful and thoughtful. Overall, it's the perfect place to stay if you're looking for a quiet time together (vs shopping and tons of activities). We will be back for sure!

From china


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