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Mr. Nagporewalla, Jul 9, 2016

Reviewed byMr. Nagporewalla

“The villa is extremely beautiful and relaxing. It is ideal for children as there is ample place for outdoor activities. The beach is clean and easily accessible. All the rooms of the villa have the sea view which is great. The staff is helpful and goes out of their way to make you comfortable. The food was good and we enjoyed it. The only feedback would be to have some variety beyond Thai dishes.”


Keith M., Mar 12, 2014

Reviewed byKeith M.

I have nothing but unqualified praise for this exquisite place. It is situated on a glorious long but quiet beach a few miles north of Phuket airport but far away from the crowds and tat of what sadly most of that hitherto lovely island now boasts. This is sheer heaven and a place to restore one's energy, totally relax and forget the troubles of the world. I could not recommend it highly enough. There are lovely gentle staff to take care of your every need with a smile; totally delicious food; so much space and so many choices to place yourself. The individual little houses have a bedroom with the most wonderful views of palm trees and the blue ocean and a large bathroom set into an exotic oriental garden. The large swimming pool is wonderful & great for doing lengths against the backdrop of the gentle waves lapping the spotless beach. If you really have to keep in touch with the real world there is WiFi. All in all a blissful dream and worth every penny!

From London, United Kingdom


Benjiw, Feb 20, 2014

Reviewed byBenjiw

Ananda is the pinnacle of understated, elegant luxury. It is half an hour north of Phuket airport in the car, which means it is off the main island. This, to us, was a considerable bonus. If you want to sample the delights of Patong beach etc, Ananda is not for you. Otherwise, Its location is quite simply sensational: right on the beach, and a beach that could have come straight from a postcard, yet with rarely a soul to be seen. It sits in a run of four huge properties that were obviously built at the same time. My (pathetic) competitive streak was delighted to note that ananda seems to be notably bigger than the others, with larger grounds. The property consists of six or seven separate villas, all with bathroom, all furnished with style but not swagger. The service is in tune with the decor - attentive but never overbearing. The food is authentic Thai, beautifully prepared without being fussy. Star choice: duck curry. At the same time if what you need is some noodles for the kids that can also be arranged - in fact anything, seemingly, can be arranged. We enjoyed massages on the 'Sunset Sala' most days, as the sun set over a limpid sea in what was an almost ridiculously idyllic scene. The property manages to pull off the trick of being both effortlessly stylish yet completely child friendly. Evidently it has been set up with both of these requirements in mind. Small touches like separate bunk rooms for the children with toys and TV, or travel cots or a shallow infinity pool just for the children, can make a huge difference to a family holiday. In summary ananda is the perfect getaway for peace, tranquility and time with friends or family or both. I cannot recommend it highly enough and can;t wait to come back.

From London


Jonathan D., Feb 8, 2014

Reviewed byJonathan D.

Jonathan D., Feb 8, 2014
We stayed with friends including their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. The setting was just unbelievable - beautiful grounds looking straight out over the (deserted) beach with palm trees waving in the breeze and sunsets to die for. We each had a separate villa with large and comfortable bedroom, dressing room and spacious bathroom. The staff were superb, totally friendly, always helpful and nothing was too much trouble and the cook was just fantastic. We've always liked Thai food but day after day, the most delicious Thai dishes would appear, each better than the last and then, when I realised that I was missing my good old English breakfast, the most perfect eggs and bacon appeared! And I could even justify it by swimming 20 lengths of the glorious 25 metre pool every morning. Then there were long walks on the idyllic beach, ending up with drinks at a beachside bar before turning round and returning. The place was very children friendly and they seemed to have a wonderful time with their own paddling pool and plenty of room to play without being all over us oldies. My wife and I have never had such a luxurious and relaxing holiday.

From Harrogate, United Kingdom


Alice R., Jan 5, 2014

Reviewed byAlice R.

This is a special place. We stayed here for 2 weeks with family including young children and had the most idyllic holiday. The location is perfect with sea views and access to an endless stretch of unspoilt beach. The view is visible from your own luxurious pool which has the benefit of a discreet shallow smaller pool which our children enjoyed for hours on end. The villa caters perfectly for groups allowing privacy in your own separate mini villas yet several large areas to socialise together. The buildings and interiors are beautiful and so open allowing you to really enjoy the climate. In addition the plentiful food could not be faulted. We hope very much to be able to stay here again in the future.

From United Kingdom


Lisa Martin, May 19, 2012 - May 27, 2012

Our stay was excellent, The service was fantastic, the meals provided as restaurant quality, Khun Nadia Villa Manager was awesome.

Lisa Martin
Hong Kong


Blue102, Feb 22, 2012

Reviewed byBlue102

We have stayed at the wonderful ananda on several occasions and it has always been heaven from beginning to end. The setting is just beautiful - acres of palm tree brushed beach frontage, two chic large pools, spacious and stylishly appointed rooms - some with hidden luxuries like a sunken outside bath. The staff are superb and the food absolutely delicious. Our children loved their time here and we had a very relaxing holiday, which is often hard to come by with small children. I cannot recommend it more highly.

From Sydney, Australia


Christopher Chew, Aug 27, 2010 - Aug 30, 2010

Good evening Isabel,

I would like to sincerely thank all the staff of Ananda Villa for their good hospitality and they have served us very well especially Villa Manager, Mon, she has been an exceptional wonderful.

Last but not least Isabel, I would like to thank you for your coordination and your good arrangements.


Christopher Chew


Nicola Fine, Dec 17, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010

Hi Andrew

I want to thank you for absolutely everything that you and your staff did for us whilst we were in Jivana, it was a fantastic holiday and the service was amazing, the accommodation was perfect and everything worked out so well, however it would not of been possible without your help. Thank you for being so understanding with all our special requirements.

So thank you so much and hope that we will be in touch again in the future.

Here are a few photos from the trip. Could you please forward on to me Mon's email address.

Thank you again

Nicola Fine


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